Hi, my name is Liz and I love food!  I’ve been interested in cooking ever since I was a little girl and could barely reach the counter-top.   I’ve grown a lot since then but life  has not always gone the way I planned it…

Back in 1996 I was a divorced career-woman, living in Laguna Beach, California.  Bill was a divorced, single father of 6, living in Lancaster, California.  One day, Bill loaded all of his little kids in their minivan and came down to Laguna Beach to meet me.  Here’s a photo from that first meeting:
liz 1_0001

Two years later, on a blissful morning in November, we were married in San Diego, California.  With one “I do” six little kids began calling me “Mom”!  Here’s a photo of our wedding day:

liz 2

Naturally, this had a serious and immediate impact on my cooking style and it led me to ask…

What is at the root of your food?

My blog will focus first on nutrition and what is at the root of the foods we consume.  My family is important to me and I want them to eat well and enjoy their food.  I believe in family time and sitting down to a warm, delicious, nutritious meal together in the evening, after a long day at work or school.  For me, homemade, simple, fresh, non-packaged or pre-prepared foods without a lot of additives are at the heart of Family Food Roots.

Next I will look at the importance of traditions in the foods that we eat and enjoy.  These are the recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  The special dish that Grandma used to prepare, the meal that is from the country of your birth or the food your family loved to eat when you were young!  These are the recipes that literally came from the roots of your family.  I will explore family recipes and the rich stories that go along with them.

I may not have mentioned that Bill and I had a baby and his name is Billy!  At 18 years old, he’s not a baby anymore!  He’s the glue that bound us together…well, along with food!


This blog is dedicated to my family because…
I love them with all my heart!


  1. David, thanks for your input. I will definitely take a look at your sites. How did you ever find me? I’m curious because I’m just getting started and want to expand my audience. Having you tells me that something good must be going on! Thanks again and I’ll take a look! Liz

    1. Liz, My Google Alert for “saturated fat” connected me to your site. Any mention of saturated fat in an article title or the article itself gets my attention.

      Few are familiar with the origins of anti-saturated fat sentiment stemming from mistakes made by a few scientists more than 50 years ago. http://jhmas.oxfordjournals.org/content/63/2/139.full

      Scientists are only now coming to grips with the fact that there was no scientific evidence behind the public health recommendation to restrict total fat intake. http://healthland.time.com/2013/07/03/skim-milk-is-healthier-than-whole-milk-right-maybe-not/

  2. I love your idea of this blog. I agree with your home cooked meals daily and no packages meals. That is how I cook our meals for the month. We hardly ever use boxed, prepackaged meals. Everything is made from scratch. That means more love was put into preparations.
    I am looking forward to reading your e-mails and looking at your recipes and seeing if we can maybe use some of your recipes in our family meals. We came up with 38 different meals we like to eat that my family of 6 will eat, and that is how we plan our monthly menu. I go shopping and by everything in one trip and it makes it a whole lot easier when they know what we’re having and what they can help fix. So they each get to pick 4 meals a month and then I choose what goes in the blanks.
    My husband is a big meat eater so we have to have some form of meat each meal. But the deal goes we have 2-3 vegetables to go with it. I fix the plates so I know what is on their plates and they have to eat vegs, or no seconds.
    So thank you for sharing your Blog. I am looking forward to reading it.

  3. Rebecca, thanks so much for your comments. I love finding other people who agree with my passion about wholesome foods. I also enjoy hearing about how you do things and prepare so much in advance. I was never too good about that when raising my children. I also agree about the love…very true indeed! I’d love to hear more about the meals you came up with. I also enjoyed hearing how you serve the meals and make sure your kids are eating their vegetables! Feel free to email me at: lizelliott7@att.net…I’d love to hear more. Do I know you from somewhere? Your name sounds familiar! Thanks again, Liz

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