Homeade Chicken Broth

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I use chicken broth for everything.  Usually I get it in bulk at Costco since the Kirkland brand is gluten-free which works for my daughter who is gluten intolerant.  I use it for soups, stews, cooking vegetables and in gravy.  My friend Janet, taught me how to make it homemade which is really nice because it is so healthy and not laden with any additives or preservatives.  Plus it is way cheaper than store-bought and has some interesting health benefits.  For some reason, boiling those bones for hours and hours, produces some amazing gelatin that is actually good for you.  Whenever my husband feels a cold coming on (which is pretty rare), I make some of my homemade broth and seriously, he wakes up feeling well the next day!  So I’ve proven this theory myself…homemade broth helps fight colds!

It’s so simple to make and leaves the entire house smelling amazing too (kind of like Thanksgiving)!  I use Costco roasted chickens, but any chicken bones will do.  I simply throw them in the freezer after use and pull them out when I want some delicious broth.

Homemade Chicken Broth

  • 1-2 whole chickens (most of the meat removed)
  • Carrots, celery, onions, fresh parsley, garlic cloves or anything else you can think of!

Put the chicken carcass (what a funny word) in a large pot.  Throw in some carrots, celery, onions, fresh parsley and garlic cloves for flavoring.  Cover chicken bones with water and a lid, slightly open to allow steam to get out.  Turn this mixture on medium-low and cook for as many hours as you can spare.  The longer you cook it, the more rich and delicious your broth will turn out.  After say 6-9 hours, simple drain into a bowl through a sieve.  Refrigerate the broth over night.  In the morning, scrape off the fat that has collected on the top.  This makes your broth pretty much fat free too, which is an added bonus.

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