Bill’s Grill & Fill Diet

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I’ve been laid up with a broken ankle for almost 5 weeks now.  Naturally, this makes cooking impossible.  Recovery has been in my room with a mini-frig full of yogurt, hummus, celery, cottage cheese and other delicacies.  My daughters and friends have helped me with lunch, but what’s for dinner you ask?

I know what you’re thinking: Take out?  Order in?  Meals from neighbors (yes they have offered).  Nope.  None of the above.  My husband has been grilling up a storm.  In January, when he dislocated and fractured his ankle, I took such good care of him that he lost 15 pounds.  Now he’s returning the favor and I’ve actually lost some weight too.  Each time he makes me a meal, I take a photo and he begs me not to put it on Facebook or Instagram.  I think he’s worried they may pull his “man card” which I can understand…

In the spirit of celebrating and thanking him, I want to show you just how delicious simple, healthy food can be.  I call it “Bill’s Grill & Fill Diet”.  Sure we all love a nice fat, cheesy Lasagna from time to time.  But if you’re watching your weight or concerned about your health, there are plenty of delicious alternatives that will make you feel satisfied and happy too.  Especially, if you’re laid up!

Now, a note about exercise during this recovery.  It just so happens that my doctor is an orthopedic, sports medicine specialist.  In fact, he’s the team physician for the University of Utah athletic teams and the U.S. Ski Team, which I just discovered.  Great.  This explains why he wouldn’t let me have one of those cool scooter things.  “No, the cells will regenerate better with movement”, he said and “don’t worry, you’ll be off crutches in a couple weeks.”  At my next check-up, as I begged again, he had the nerve to say no, I’d be off crutches in another week or two.  After 4 weeks on crutches, I’m thinking I’ve been duped.

Picture this…54 year old, less than petite (ok large) woman with little to no upper body strength, under-arm skin flapping, face scrunched up like one of those apple-core dolls while stumbling around on crutches.  It’s not a pretty picture, I assure you.  However, this brilliant man must have had an ulterior motive.  After weeks of pain, my core and upper body are stronger.  I actually burn calories going from my bed to the bathroom and no longer wince in pain.  Plus, I feel empowered and happy to have conquered crutches!

There aren’t any recipes in this post, just good old fashioned photos.  You’ll get the picture (no pun intended).


  Grilled chicken breast, veggies and potatoes


Chicken Tacos


Grilled pork chop, mashed potatoes and broccoli


Me and my “Darth Vader” boot, about to dive in…


Devoured this meal -obviously didn’t like it


Best hot dog I’ve had in years and check out those sides


Breakfast of champions, those are mashed potato patties


Sunday dinner – pork roast, baked potatoes and broccoli


My favorite – grilled teriyaki salmon with baked potato and broccoli




  1. Love This Liz!! Since I never could comment on your blog….someday, I will take the time to figure out how to do it! This is great!!! So fun to catch up through email. You are the BEST!!!

    Hope you are up soon and able to exercise!! I am a workout feen these days! SO fun!! I love it. I was on Grammie duty last week for 4 days, so no exercising those days!!! Back and forth between 2 houses and a little work squished in (Girls went to SLC for Doterra Convention)….It was a crazy few days, now I am back on tract……work, work, work, and a couple hours for exercise!! I love it!

    Hope you come down soon!! I am SO excited to stay in OC more….still working a lot in Valencia (I need the work, so I’m grateful)!!

    Love you, Have fun!!

    Janet Mendenhall Damon ReMax of Valencia DRE #01341612 661.803.4484

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