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I know it’s probably not a big deal to you, but I get excited about going to the grocery store.  Not to do my weekly shopping mind you, but to get inspired!  Did you know you could get inspired at a grocery store?  Well, read on and find out how…


I discovered Harmons in St. George where my parent’s live and now that I live in Utah, we have one near us here in Farmington.  It’s a super nice store with lots of variety.  Their prices really are competitive…produce is a good example because Harmon’s produce is fresher than other stores and can often be on sale for the same price.  You just have to watch the ads and choose accordingly.


I actually go to Harmons for fun!  I know that sounds strange, but here’s one of the main reasons:  taste testers!  Yes, it’s true, they have them all over the place…there’s usually a seafood tester, something in the bread department (like pumpkin cookies), olive oil (all kinds of flavors), soup (I like the cream of mushroom), cheese and often a yummy dip of some kind.


Oh and this is important for you to know…they don’t use shortening in any of their baked items!  No, they even have signs around the bakery section stating that they use butter instead.  Now that makes me happy because when I don’t have time to bake myself, I can just go to Harmon’s and feel good knowing their products are not as bad for my family.  Like today…it’s Halloween and I’ll probably head over there for some rolls and cookies to have with our crock-pot stew tonight.  They even have cut-out sugar cookies for each holiday that you can buy with the frosting so the kids can have fun and you don ‘t have to do all the work!  Now that’s my kind of simplifying!

I also love their produce.  It’s always fresh and beautiful.  The other day, I was looking at jalepenos at another grocery store, and they were all wrinkled and old.  Then I went to Harmon’s and theirs were solild and fresh and beautiful (if a jalepeno can be beautiful that is)!


They have a super nice kitchen isle in the store too that has all kinds of great items including lots of gift ideas and hard to find gadgets!


The manager is very approachable, always walking around so you can talk to him.  The other day when I was in, he suggested I try a pork roast that cooks in butcher paper and is completely tender and delicious.  So I went over to the meat section and got one which I’m definitely going to try!  It’s on the right in my inspiration photo above!

Oh, and their meat is amazing.  It is WAY fresher than what I get at other grocery stores and priced competitively.  In fact, this week they have  a “buy one roast, get one free”, making them even cheaper than the competition!


They also have a nice area upstairs where they recently had an art show and my friend displayed her paintings.  I was able to go up there and sit on a couch and look at the art.  They have cooking classes too and although I haven’t gone to one, I hope to one day.

Oh, I almost forgot something really important…they make their own artisan breads and you can taste them before buying right at the little counter in this photo (see below).  My friend Janet found this one kind of bread with white chocolate in it and took several loaves back to her family in California!  It was really tasty!  Their bread is seriously perfect for special meals and again, like all their baked goods, has no hydrogenated vegetable oil.


Now you know all the reasons that I love Harmons Grocery Store.  I hope you’ll get the opportunity to shop there sometime and that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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